Setting Sail, acrylic and ink, 24” x 36”, 2020


And we go out as the fish go out, leaving the tasteof the rivers we know, joining the dark invisible weight

of what we would become
the calm sense of movement

Seeing the others forming our shoals, and the scales
on our sides filling the depths with trembling stars.

Out of memory we come to our senses again, walking

the soft grass, this sea of blades stirred slightly
by a shifting breeze, this half known need to know
what others hardly knew themselves, this silence

in the stars, leading to the dawn’s first edge of sky
and a silence in ourselves that looks for resolution….

excerpt from David Whyte: Time Left Alone


Final Plan, collage, 2018 Final Plan, collage, 8” x 20”, 2018
Nadia Squared (Homage Series), mixed media, 12’ x 12” 2018

Road Trip Series   2015
Claire Oliver Gallery ︎ NYC
Hanged Man Series   2012
Claire Oliver Gallery ︎ NYC
The Tower Series   2010
Lyons Wier Gallery ︎ NYC

Portraits   2008
NYC ︎ San Francisco ︎ Portland

Date most recently updated:
January 2020

Intensive Art Workshops︎ 


Color Theory + Self Portrait

Summer at Cornish Program
Cornish College of the Arts
Seattle, Washington


Jazzminh Moore received her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and MFA from California State University, Long Beach, both in Drawing and Painting. She has had solo exhibitions in NYC, LA, SF, Paris and elsewhere. Her work has been featured in various publications including New York Magazine, Whitewall, New American Paintings, Huffington Post, ArtVoices and Interview Magazine. Jazzminh is currently adjunct faculty in the Art Department at Mendocino College.



2005  MFA  California State University Long Beach

2000  BFA magna cum laude Cornish College of the Arts

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017  The Promised Land

Galerie Rothamel, Erfurt, Germany

2015  Middle of Nowhere

Claire Oliver Gallery, NYC

2013  All Our Grandmothers

Claire Oliver Gallery, NYC

2012  Is That All There Is

Lyons Wier Gallery, NYC

2010 Slipping Sideways

Lyons Wier Gallery, NYC

2009  To the Wind

Georgetown Art Center, Seattle, WA

2008  Impossible : Take a Moment

collective GRASP, San Francisco, CA

2008  People : Space

Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR

2007  You Don’t Know Me From Adam

Sanctuary Hotel, Miami Beach, FL

2007  Pamplemousse

Miki Miali, Paris, France 

2005  between

ARTfront, Los Angeles, California

Selected Awards

NYFA Artist Fellowship

Merilyn Werby Memorial Scholarship

John and Flora Owen Award

Presidential Scholarship for Excellence, CCA

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

Kreilsheimer Foundation Scholarship

Artist Residencies

North Street Collective

Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center

Adamant Music School

        Selected Publications

2018  Do It Wrong, Do It Wondrously Wrong

Maidman, Daniel, Medium Magazine

2015  25 Things to See, Hear, Watch and Read Saltz, Jerry,  New York Magazine

2015  Reclaiming the Wasteland: Jazz-minh Moore's 

'Middle of Nowhere' Maidman, Daniel, Huffington Post     

2013  Post-apocalyptic Pastorale: The Paintings of Jazz-minh MooreMaidman, Daniel, Huffington Post

2013  Jazz-minh Moore 

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2013  Artist To Watch

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2013  Rackroom Interview

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2012  Jazz-minh Moore’s ‘Is That All There Is?’

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2011  Art Basel Miami Beach: Friday Night

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2011  When in Miami

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2011  Q&A: Jazz-minh Moore

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2011  The 25 most Interesting People at Bumbershoot

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2010  Gutbox Profile 

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2010   Picture Show

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2010  Women Painting Women

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Honigman, Ana Finel, Interview Magazine

2010  Jazz-minh Moore

Sudarsky, Noah Marcel, Whitehot Magazine, June

2010  Interview with Jazz-minh Moore

Honigman, Ana Finel, Whitehot Magazine, June

2010  Jazz-minh Moore

Lang, Tracy, Knock Magazine, Seattle, Washington

2008  Jazz-minh Moore Art ‘00

Stollery, Chris, inSight, Seattle, Washington

2008  Petri Dishes in New York

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2002  Fulsome Chattiness/Biting Cattiness: Satire After William Hogarth

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